About Us

True Utility

Who we are?


We provide people with minimalist and practical solutions to everyday problems. Our collection of pocket tools are all about making sure you’re ready for whatever, while still being able to live light.

Located in the South of England, a small and focused UK design team led by Lee Berman, have been designing original and clever minimalist products  which are nowadays sold in more than 50 countries and are protected by over 27 international patents and 24 registered designs.

Our Philosophy:

“Make it Small – Make it Useful – Make it Work!”


Avid traveller, Lee Berman, converted a  vintage bus into a mobile hostel with all manner of camping essentials. It was his very own massive multi-tool on wheels!

But this mobile setup was too cumbersome for his growing minimalist tastes. He parked up the bus and set off on foot, choosing to simply wrap a change of clothes, a notebook and a pen knife inside a sleeping bag that he’d slung over his shoulder tied with a belt. Living light with just the bare essentials was a liberating and joyful feeling. “Make sure you’re prepared, but not by carrying too much”.

A combination of ingenuity and passion for all things small and multi-use has driven Lee to develop products to reduce the bulk in our lives.


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